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Women speak out about Warren Ellis: 'Full and informed consent was impossible
5 HRS AGO - Scores of women are publishing details of their relationships with the Transmetropolitan writer, Expand
The Guardian view on a women’s health scandal: under the skin | Editorial
23 HRS AGO - An official review of vaginal mesh and medicines in pregnancy reveals systemic weaknesses, and Expand
The medical profession has failed when women in agony are dismissed as hysterics | Barbara Ellen
2 DAYS AGO - The vaginal mesh scandal betrayed the intimate trust that should exist between doctor and patient, Expand
Pelvic mesh scandal is what happens when men with power ignore women | Richard Vize
3 DAYS AGO - Cumberlege report is a damning reminder of how arrogant, intimidating doctors have suppressed Expand
The pelvic mesh scandal makes it clear: doctors must declare any funding | Margaret McCartney
4 DAYS AGO - We need a public register to show if healthcare professionals are in the pay of industry – or more Expand
Why I don't have a child: I cherish my freedom
5 DAYS AGO - Every day I don’t buy diapers, I’m sticking it to the man. And I have the time to think, to be Expand
Why I don't have a child: I watched my own mother struggle with parenthood
6 DAYS AGO - When there were too many kid-related errands … my mother would break down and cry, calling out to Expand
A journey to mindful sex: how a new app is helping women find sexual wellbeing
7 DAYS AGO - Ferly uses cognitive behavioural therapy and other techniques to help its users overcome sexual Expand
The Guardian view on the pandemic's impact on women: sound the alarm | Editorial
7 DAYS AGO - To prevent inequality from increasing, we need a recovery plan with care at its heartIt is several Expand
The pro-choice movement is in tatters. Planned Parenthood is part of the problem | Jessa Crispin
7 HRS AGO - The organization is a fundraising juggernaut but women’s practical access to abortion services Expand
We went to therapy to save our friendship
1 DAY AGO - Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman have been best friends for more than a decade. They care about each Expand
Women still face a medical minefield | Letter
3 DAYS AGO - Jan Millington of the campaigning group Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure is saddened that women Expand
The world's poorest women and girls risk being biggest losers in DfID merger
3 DAYS AGO - The department is a world leader in programmes based on gender equality. The government must show Expand
I trusted my doctors': the women fighting for justice after medical procedures
5 DAYS AGO - An inquiry into the harmful effects of medical treatments prescribed to female patients in England Expand
It is ‘all men’, to varying degrees: men’s violence against women is a systemic crisis | Brad Chilcott
5 DAYS AGO - As White Ribbon’s new executive director, I believe it’s worth mobilising the movement towards Expand
Being childfree: four women on why they chose not to have kids – video
6 DAYS AGO - As part of the Guardian's Childfree series, four women discuss why having children isn't for them Expand
More women like me are choosing to be childfree. Is this the age of opting out?
7 DAYS AGO - Ecological collapse is within sight – and yet parenting is still viewed as a moral imperative. But Expand
Labour mayors back plan to make police record misogyny as hate crime
05/07/2020 - Stella Creasy believes amendment to domestic abuse bill would make police take misogyny more Expand
Seoul mayor funeral: anger at use of public funds for five-day service
13 HRS AGO - More than 500,000 people sign petition calling for quiet family funeral for Park Won-soon amid Expand
‘They just got away with paying men more …’ Milestone looms in Asda equal pay fight
1 DAY AGO - On the eve of a supreme court hearing for the UK’s biggest joint claim, former women shopworkers Expand
The supreme court endangered access to contraception. There's a way to fight back | Ilse Hogue
3 DAYS AGO - Brett Kavanaugh is exactly the foe to reproductive rights we said he’d be. This election will be a Expand
Anna Ford attacks ‘body fascism’ in the media – archive, 10 July 1980
3 DAYS AGO - 10 July 1980: The ITN newscaster and other members of Women in Media gathered in London to marshal Expand
Supreme court upholds Trump rules letting more employers deny contraceptive coverage
5 DAYS AGO - Ruling on expansion of religious exemptions could deny 125,000 women coverage, Sotomayor saysThe Expand
Fast fashion creates misery, and that's a bad look | Bidisha
6 DAYS AGO - Cheap, throwaway clothing was past its sell-by date even before the Leicester garment factory Expand
Trans rights have been pitted against feminism but we're not enemies | Kim Humphery
6 DAYS AGO - One of the most distressing aspects of the hostile narrative is that it sidelines a reality of Expand
Isn't that selfish? Introducing our new series on childfree women
7 DAYS AGO - Guardian editors Summer Sewell and Jessica Reed don’t have kids – and probably don’t want them. Expand