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39 MINS AGO - We’re delighted to be starting a weekly interiors update, showcasing the latest design news. Be Expand
Basement conversions – expect ideas for planning a basement conversion
1 DAY AGO - A basement conversion can offer a whole extra floor of space within your home’s existing footprint Expand
A return to Plot 29 | Allan Jenkins
3 DAYS AGO - It’s dirty work, but the manure – and granddaughter – gives spring a helping handI rushed the Expand
Home grown: how exotic blooms can be guilt-free
4 DAYS AGO - You don’t have to import cut flowers – one grower’s blooms are sustainable as well as beautifulAn Expand
7 DAYS AGO - Now's the time to give them some late-winter love
This eclectic home in London is a mix of dark and dramatic furnishings
7 DAYS AGO - Drawing on their cinematic backgrounds, the homeowners have used a darkly brooding palette and Expand
Why Jerusalem artichokes pack a real punch
16/02/2020 - Neither an artichoke, nor from Jerusalem, these bulbous tubers are easy to grow and offer pretty Expand
Gardening tips: plant a rose
15/02/2020 - Then visit Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden and force rhubarb, sea kale or a dandelion Expand
This red lentil dhal recipe is perfect for batch cooking
11/02/2020 - MAKES TWO PORTIONS Ingredients  *olive oil, for cooking *1 leek, green and all, chopped *3 garlic Expand
A beautifully converted monastery in southern France | Homes & Gardens
1 HR AGO - Explore this converted monastery. At a long–neglected abbey Lorenzo and Mariarosa Pellicioli have Expand
Kitchen extensions – expert ideas for planning a kitchen extension
1 DAY AGO - Adding a kitchen extension can dramatically add value to your home. Whether you’re based in the Expand
How to grow Vietnamese herbs | Alys Fowler
4 DAYS AGO - Culantro and kinh gioi freshen up summer salads and rolls, with a coriander kick or lemon zestIt Expand
How to bring houseplants and gardens back to life before spring
5 DAYS AGO - Looking out at all those soggy pots and dead, brown stems, it’s hard to believe that the daffodils Expand
Get rid of plastic in the garden — Garden News
7 DAYS AGO - Since I last wrote about this last year, there have been even bigger strides taken to reduce Expand
An elegant and handsome 21st-century listed house in London
17/02/2020 - What began as the renovation of a listed house in London where the owner could display and live Expand
Missing Plot 29’s healing powers | Allan Jenkins
16/02/2020 - After enforced rest for garden and gardener, it’s time to (slowly) start springI have been exiled Expand
Country diary: mistletoe's moon pearls are full of marvellous jelly
12/02/2020 - Marshwood Vale, Dorset: On a sunny day three Februarys ago, I squashed the berries on to an apple Expand
This simple vegan dessert is a great choice for a dinner party
11/02/2020 - MAKES TWO TO FOUR PORTIONS Ingredients  *2 avocados *200 g coconut yoghurt *2 tablespoons maple Expand
If I put washing up water on my vegetable patch will my vegetables taste soapy?
1 DAY AGO - The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from Expand
Break the garlic rules for a big surprise | James Wong
3 DAYS AGO - Garden lore dictates you must plant garlic in the cold months. Here’s why that doesn’t always Expand
Gardening tips: plant a mock orange
4 DAYS AGO - Then visit a Victorian glasshouse and make a trellisPlant this As winter draws to a close, now is Expand
The best house renovation Instagram accounts you need to be following
5 DAYS AGO - Best for budget: @renovating_a_nightmare The Allens are transforming their Edwardian house in Expand
‘You can feel the love of generations of gardeners’ — Garden News
7 DAYS AGO - Garden historian and co-author of The Galanthophiles (Orphans Publishing), Jennifer Harmer loves Expand
17/02/2020 - Our rosters of brilliant gardening writers includes Carol Klein, Nick Bailey, Rob Smith, Medwyn Expand
Use warming mats to heat your seeds | Alys Fowler
15/02/2020 - Rubberised pads are a cheap, compact alternative to a greenhouseAll my current fantasies are about Expand
This Mexican nacho plate can be made in ten minutes
11/02/2020 - MAKES TWO PORTIONS Ingredients  *240 g drained tinned black beans *1 tablespoon fajita spice mix Expand