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Their noses paid the bills. Then Covid took their sense of smell
18 HRS AGO - As many as half of Covid-19 sufferers lose their sense or smell or taste. For master sommeliers Expand
The honey detectives are closing in on China’s shady syrup swindlers
6 DAYS AGO - Detecting honey laced with sugar syrup is notoriously tricky, but a new test could provide the Expand
The UK can’t even keep track of its spiralling Covid-19 case numbers
07/01/2021 - The proportion of Covid-19 tests coming back positive is higher than any point after April, which Expand
Covid-19 caused a boom in single-use plastics. Here’s how to fix it
03/01/2021 - The pandemic has created more plastic waste at the same time as reducing rubbish collection. It's Expand
This burp-catching mask for cows could slow down climate change
01/01/2021 - Methane from cattle accounts for a significant amount of global warming – startup Zelp has a Expand
We’re about to start sending messages with our noses
28/12/2020 - Transformative olfactory content is about to change how we learn, shop and communicate
Covid-19 made us live more sustainably. Now what?
25/12/2020 - As we wrestle with the economic downturn caused by Covid-19, we need to include climate in our Expand
Harnessing the hidden powers of plants could help fix the climate
22/12/2020 - Photosynthesis has been critical to the Earth's survival over billions of years. Now it's time for Expand
How to see spectacular 'Christmas Star' for first time in 800 years
20/12/2020 - The two planets will meet in a combined patch of the sky, giving the appearance of one star, on Expand
Covid-19 long-haulers want you to know that they’re still not okay
2 DAYS AGO - Some long-haulers are closing in on their tenth month of symptoms. With no end in sight, many are Expand
Here’s what it will take to vaccinate 14 million people by mid-February
12/01/2021 - The government has set itself the target of vaccinating two million people every week, but Expand
Vaccines are about to become a lot more personalised (and effective)
06/01/2021 - Greater understanding of immunity will boost efficacy vaccines at a crucial moment for public Expand
SpaceX’s satellites are a huge headache for astronomers
03/01/2021 - SpaceX and Blue Origin are launching satellite mega constellations to provide internet across the Expand
These cities are opening their doors to the first climate migrants
31/12/2020 - Cities such as Mongla in Bangladesh and Buffalo in New York are transforming themselves into Expand
The mystery of the world’s loneliest penguins
28/12/2020 - King penguins have started popping up on Martillo Island in Argentina. Where they came from, and Expand
AI can now help us detect disease at its earliest stages
24/12/2020 - Combining genomics, MRI scans and artificial intelligence will usher in a new era in healthcare
Best time to see Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky tonight
21/12/2020 - For the first time in 800 years, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky and appear as one, Expand
There’s a big data gap when it comes to vaccines and pregnancy
20/12/2020 - In the UK, pregnant and breastfeeding women are being advised not to have a coronavirus vaccine, Expand
How much it costs to get a test that tells you if you have had Covid-19
5 DAYS AGO - A coronavirus antibody test can help tell people if they have had Covid-19. However, free tests Expand
These extreme buildings are hanging on at the ends of the Earth
07/01/2021 - To tackle the world's biggest problems, people are building research stations under oceans, in Expand
How to stop the next pandemic
06/01/2021 - A universal vaccine, an atlas of viruses, and lab-grown organoids: These scientific projects aim Expand
Big pharma is about to tune in to the potential of psychedelics
01/01/2021 - Mainstream mental-health care will embrace alternative active substances such as psilocybin
How tech is reinventing healthcare
29/12/2020 - From deep learning to fighting health misinformation, tech is changing the healthcare for doctors Expand
How Covid-19 forced hospitals to be more collaborative
26/12/2020 - As a result of the pandemic, patients will feel the benefit of ideas from the operating theatre Expand
Growing crops in cities will put an end to food waste
23/12/2020 - Coronavirus showed how vulnerable our global food supply chains are, but growing closer to home Expand
How to use maths to win at any board game over Christmas
21/12/2020 - Christmas isn't about making friends, its about winning. Here's how to use maths to succeed at any Expand