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What happens when you have a heart attack on the way to Mars?
3 DAYS AGO - Millions of kilometres from Earth, even a minor health scare could be fatal. But with a thousand Expand
Golf is facing an existential crisis
08/04/2021 - New equipment and beefier players have created an era where tournaments belong to big hitters. Expand
Israel is a fake meat powerhouse
06/04/2021 - From plant equivalents to cultured cells, Israeli startups are winning the race to cruelty-free Expand
The future of food is all about robot farmers and electrocuting weeds
29/03/2021 - These startups are creating a sustainable food future
Everything you need to know about the clock change this weekend
27/03/2021 - This weekend the clocks will go forward one hour, which means we’ll sadly lose an hour of sleep – Expand
A dying child, a mother’s love and the drug that changed medicine
26/03/2021 - Hundreds of thousands of children are born each year with fatal neurodegenerative diseases. A gene Expand
A blockchain tweak could fix crypto’s colossal energy problem
23/03/2021 - Ethereum is slowly moving to proof-of-stake. Is that good news for climate?
The coronavirus pandemic might actually save the census
20/03/2021 - The once-in-a-decade census seems outdated, but taking stock of the country in the wake of a Expand
Maths nerds, get ready: an AI is about to write its own proofs
18/03/2021 - We'll see the first truly creative proof of a mathematical theorem written by an artificial Expand
How a gaming gadget became a Covid early warning system
4 DAYS AGO - The pandemic spurred Cecilia Harvey’s wearable device startup to move from avionics and gaming to Expand
The quest to make genuinely cheesy dairy-free cheese
08/04/2021 - Making dairy-free cheese that lives up to the taste and texture of the real thing is a scientific Expand
What the world can learn from New Zealand’s Covid-19 bin mystery
02/04/2021 - In New Zealand, investigators traced an outbreak to a 50-second window of exposure. The case might Expand
The weird science of loneliness explains why lockdown sucked
29/03/2021 - Social isolation is linked to poorer physical and mental health, but we don't know why. Now we’re Expand
Clocks go forward this weekend as Spring finally arrives
26/03/2021 - After a long, cold winter in lockdown, Spring is finally here and the evenings are getting longer Expand
Vaccines are making some long Covid sufferers feel better
25/03/2021 - After months of recurring symptoms, some long Covid patients are reporting that their symptoms Expand
Lab-grown tuna steaks could reel in our overfishing problem
23/03/2021 - Startup BlueNalu makes cell-based seafood, aiming to satisfy a growing demand for fish without the Expand
Europe’s AstraZeneca debacle will have devastating consequences
20/03/2021 - More than a dozen European countries suspended use of the vaccine on blood clot rates that look Expand
How oil rigs can save coral reefs
17/03/2021 - Coral reefs can grow in the unlikeliest of places. New research could force us to rethink how we Expand
Did invention make us human?
09/04/2021 - Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen argues that our unique ability to invent tools is what sets us Expand
We’ve got carbon capture all wrong
06/04/2021 - Carbon capture is viewed by many as a last resort. But in the race to tackle the climate crisis, Expand
Pandemic’s creator is making a board game about climate change
30/03/2021 - Matt Leacock’s next board challenges you to stave off climate chaos by cutting emissions and Expand
Best time and tips to see the Super Worm Moon from the UK tonight
28/03/2021 - The first supermoon of the year, the Super Worm Moon, will light up the UK's skies tonight. Here's Expand
Supercharged soil could pull carbon right out of the air
26/03/2021 - A simple seed treatment could drastically increase the amount of atmospheric carbon captured by Expand
Geothermal energy could save the planet. But watch for earthquakes
24/03/2021 - An underground lab in Switzerland is trying to unlock the potential of deep geothermal energy
Six strange Spring Equinox traditions – including balancing an egg
20/03/2021 - Spring has sprung! The Spring Equinox is finally here, which marks the changing of the seasons. Expand
Five rules for fact-checking shakey statistics in the news
19/03/2021 - Does eating bacon really raise your cancer risk by 20 per cent? Is £350 million a week truly a lot Expand