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Coronavirus: WHO says more new cases outside China every day than inside – live updates
42 MINS AGO - More than 80,000 cases worldwide as impact on financial markets continues and UK schools told not Expand
How austerity ruined the UK's health, in numbers
1 HR AGO - In the last decade, life expectancy has stalled. And for the poorest people in the UK, it's Expand
What is coronavirus and what should I do if I have symptoms?
4 HRS AGO - What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus from Wuhan in China, how does it spread from Expand
Coronavirus in a war zone: Afghanistan braces for outbreak after first case
8 HRS AGO - Lone Kabul laboratory preparing to treat patients in the midst of political turmoil and tentative Expand
Europe on alert as four more Covid-19 deaths reported in Italy – as it happened
14 HRS AGO - Switzerland, Austria and Croatia report first cases as outbreak worsens across EuropeLive Expand
Coronavirus’ spread in the U.S. may be a question of when, not if | Science News
16 HRS AGO - The virus that causes COVID-19 is likely to gain a foothold in U.S. communities, says the US Expand
The Guardian view on the new coronavirus: buying time can save lives | Editorial
19 HRS AGO - Many experts believe this outbreak will soon be declared a pandemic. Even if it is not Expand
Massive Toba volcanic eruption didn’t disrupt toolmaking in Asia
22 HRS AGO - Toolmakers continued to strike sharp-edged flakes as usual after a volcano’s colossal eruption Expand
Hot Jupiter' planet discovered 1,000 light years away that's 'on edge of destruction
1 DAY AGO - The mysterious planet is about a billion years old and similar in size and composition to our own Expand
Game of Thrones honoured in new classification of pterosaur
1 HR AGO - Targaryendraco wiedenrothi has been renamed after House of Targaryen in George RR Martin’s fantasy Expand
Schools not being advised to shut over coronavirus, says PHE
3 HRS AGO - Public health agency outlines general guidance after at least a dozen schools sent pupils Expand
Virgin Galactic releases tickets for tourists to fly into space - how to apply
5 HRS AGO - Virgin Galactic is launching a new initiative today called One Small Step, for ‘those who are Expand
Gulls observe humans to home in on tasty scraps, study finds
14 HRS AGO - Herring gulls more likely to peck at items if humans pretend to eat them firstIt’s the sort a Expand
Electronic nose' could smell breath to warn about higher risk of oesophagal cancer
14 HRS AGO - Current diagnostic method for Barrett’s oesophagus relies on invasive and costly endoscopyAn Expand
Coronavirus fears grow as more cases found across Europe
16 HRS AGO - Virus appeared in new cases in Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and CroatiaThe spread of the Expand
Coronavirus could cause 'severe disruption' in America, CDC says
20 HRS AGO - CDC head of immunization says she expects the virus to spread in the US between communities – Expand
Ulcerative colitis: bacteria findings raise hopes for new treatment
22 HRS AGO - Sufferers found to have low levels of gut microbes that convert bile acids into other Expand
Ancient 'lost' civilisation uncovered by archaeologists in Turkey
1 DAY AGO - A mysterious “lost kingdom” dating to between 900 – 600BC has been discovered after a chance find Expand
Mike Solomon obituary
1 HR AGO - My friend Mike Solomon, who has died aged 52 of cancer, was a clinical psychologist at the Expand
Flat Earther claims death of 'Mad' Mike Hughes was 'worth it to create awareness
3 HRS AGO - Mad' Mike Hughes died this week after a dangerous stunt to 'prove the Earth is flat' went very Expand
Coronavirus is very bad and needs to be avoided. Here are some handy hints to stick on your fridge and forget | First Dog on the Moon
7 HRS AGO - At least now we know how COMPLETELY UNPREPARED THE WORLD ISSign up here to get an email whenever Expand
The archaeology of Armageddon
14 HRS AGO - After a century of digging, archaeologists are still tantalized by the secrets of the Expand
Humans survived volcano super-eruption 74,000 years ago, scientists …
16 HRS AGO - More people survived one of the world’s largest volcanic eruptions than previously thought, new Expand
We may be close to a coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what that means
19 HRS AGO - The coronavirus behind COVID-19 has not yet reached pandemic status, according the WHO, but we Expand
How to protect yourself from coronavirus
21 HRS AGO - World Health Organization recommends people take these simple precautions against coronavirus to Expand
Iran's deputy health minister: I have coronavirus
1 DAY AGO - Feverish Iraj Harichi says disease ‘doesn’t distinguish between statesman and ordinary Expand