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Germany is bracing for a major electric vehicle shock
14/09/2021 - Volkswagen and the German car industry are retooling for a future without combustion engines. But Expand
What to expect at the Apple iPhone 13 event
11/09/2021 - The new iPhone 13 lineup is set to be announced at an Apple event this coming Tuesday, but that Expand
How to lose that lockdown weight the right way
09/09/2021 - These are the flexible dieting tips, training programmes and body measurements to focus on to get Expand
How to use science to focus at work
08/09/2021 - Neuroscience can help you beat the sea of distractions whether you’re headed back to the office or Expand
This diabetes algorithm is making insulin more manageable
06/09/2021 - For diabetics, getting insulin doses right is a serious matter. The Quin app can predict when and Expand
The truth behind China’s online gaming crackdown
04/09/2021 - New gaming regulations in China are partly political, partly social and entirely straightforward Expand
Britain tamed Big Tech and nobody noticed
02/09/2021 - The Age Appropriate Design Code – now the Children’s Code – has caused huge global changes. Not Expand
This is why all electric cars look exactly the same
31/08/2021 - We’re approaching a future where car drive platforms will be white-label goods from Foxconn-like Expand
The wild science of how Geronimo the alpaca captured our hearts
28/08/2021 - Our own biological needs, cognitive biases and hardwired human psychology explain why we’re all Expand
Don’t redesign the Apple Watch, fix all this instead
13/09/2021 - We wouldn’t say no to a more refined Apple Watch Series 7 design but we’d rather its maker paid Expand
We finally know the true toll of all those bad Slacks
10/09/2021 - Remote workers are losing almost ten hours a month to pointless online conversations on Slack
A strange Covid-19 origin theory is gaining traction
09/09/2021 - A spate of studies claim that Covid-19 was circulating in Italy long before the pandemic. But they Expand
El Salvador’s bitcoin gamble is off to a rocky start
07/09/2021 - Enthusiasm, fear, and light shows usher El Salvador into the age of bitcoin
The best WhatsApp tricks
05/09/2021 - These are the WhatsApp tricks worth knowing about. From backups to blocking, and disappearing Expand
Digital nomads are here to save Spain’s ghost towns
03/09/2021 - Dozens of villages across Spain are in terminal decline. A new visa scheme aimed at digital nomads Expand
The UK thinks it can fix GDPR. It’s wrong
01/09/2021 - The UK managed to get a data adequacy agreement with the EU. But its planned changes for GDPR Expand
Four privacy-first Google search alternatives you need to try
30/08/2021 - Google’s search engine isn’t the only option
Zoom dysmorphia is following us into the real world
27/08/2021 - Eighteen months of using front-facing cameras has distorted our self-image – and a new study Expand
This is how you build a telescope to hunt for dark energy
13/09/2021 - The Euclid telescope will soon start work studying two billion galaxies. It’s a true technological Expand
These super crops can save us from climate disaster
10/09/2021 - Tonnes of rotting apples and ugly spuds never even make it to supermarket shelves. Tweaking their Expand
How Valencia crushed Covid with AI
08/09/2021 - By leveraging algorithms and unorthodox data sources, an MIT researcher has made Valencia a Expand
The Exponential Age will transform economics forever
06/09/2021 - It’s hard for us to fathom exponential change – but our inability to do so could tear apart Expand
How can Apple’s AirPods 3 compete with the Ear 1s?
04/09/2021 - The competition has caught up and Apple needs to up its AirPods game
This AI could help diagnose ADHD sooner
03/09/2021 - Early ADHD diagnoses could help cut crime and drastically improve lives, but a cash-starved NHS is Expand
They saw a YouTube video. Then they got Tourette’s
01/09/2021 - Hundreds of young people are displaying strikingly similar tic-like behaviours. But is it Expand
The Taliban’s vast propaganda machine has a new target
28/08/2021 - The Taliban pumped out 38,000 pieces of propaganda in the last year. Since taking Kabul, its vast Expand