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Battery-powered buzzer sticks to your forehead and stops you from snoring
4 HRS AGO - The device, called Somnibel, is worn on the forehead, and gently vibrates to alert you if you’re Expand
David Pegg obituary
7 HRS AGO - Clinical scientist and academic who pioneered groundbreaking cooling techniques for use in organ Expand
Asteroid the size of Nelson's Column will skim past Earth tomorrow, NASA warns
11 HRS AGO - The asteroid, dubbed 2019 SR8, is estimated to measure between 20 metres and 44 metres in diameter
Birth of a class of nanomaterial
19 HRS AGO - How multimolecular templates launched the field of mesoporous materials.
We found evidence of life on Mars in the 1970s, former Nasa scientis…
23 HRS AGO - Nasa found evidence of alien life in the 1970s, according to a former senior scientist – and Expand
Interstellar comet just like ones from our solar system – astronomers
1 DAY AGO - Scientists tracking 2I/Borisov say some formation processes may be common between stars The first Expand
Alien comet visiting our solar system is like nothing we’ve seen bef…
1 DAY AGO - An interstellar comet visiting our solar system is like nothing ever seen before, scientists have Expand
Humpback whales seen blowing bubbles to trap fish in 'groundbreaking' footage
1 DAY AGO - Researchers from the University of Hawaii have captured beautiful footage of humpback whales Expand
Heavy snow in part of Greenland stunted plant and animal reproduction
1 HR AGO - A very snowy winter in 2018 left parts of Greenland covered well into the summer, causing an Expand
Cows are being painted with zebra stripes to test odd theory - and it works
4 HRS AGO - Biting flies cause huge problems for cows, but scientists may have found a very strange way to Expand
Newly found quasiparticles mimic hypothetical dark matter axions
8 HRS AGO - These subatomic particles could make up dark matter in the cosmos. A mathematically similar Expand
2019 Earth Science Week photo competition winners
12 HRS AGO - The Geological Society has announced the winners of this year’s competition, which for the first Expand
Common drug could prevent thousands of head injury deaths
21 HRS AGO - Researchers say tranexamic acid treatment has potential to save tens of thousands of livesA cheap Expand
Not cross bunnies: can a pet rabbit ever be happy?
1 DAY AGO - A study of more than 6,000 rabbits treated by vets has found that many lead sad lives. Here’s how Expand
Economics Nobel goes to poverty-fighting science | Science News
1 DAY AGO - Three scientists share the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for developing real-world Expand
Barbaric' tests on monkeys lead to calls for closure of German lab
3 HRS AGO - Shocking footage shows conditions ‘clearly breach’ EU standards on animal welfare, say Expand
Why the UK was at its cheeriest in the 1920s
6 HRS AGO - By analysing books and newspapers going back to 1825, researchers have concluded that we were Expand
Huge fireball turns night into day as it streaks through sky over China
9 HRS AGO - The dazzling fireball appeared on Friday at around 00:16 CST, and was so bright that it turned the Expand
The impossible fight to save Jakarta, the sinking megacity
14 HRS AGO - Sea level rise, subsidence and political inertia, could soon see Jakarta become the first megacity Expand
The incredible science behind Eliud Kipchoge's 1:59 marathon
23 HRS AGO - A 1:59:59 marathon is the equivalent of running 100m sprints in just over 17 seconds – 422 times Expand
The 2nd known interstellar visitor makes ‘Oumuamua seem even odder
1 DAY AGO - With its gaseous halo and tail, the second discovered interstellar object, 2I/Borisov, looks Expand
NASA engineer proposes fuelless engine to propel spacecraft 'almost at speed of light
1 DAY AGO - David Burns, an engineer based at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre in Alabama, has unveiled Expand
Ancient Egyptian 'industrial zone' discovered in Luxor's Valley of the Monkeys
1 DAY AGO - A range of artefacts at the site dating from the 18th Dynasty, including tools, rings, limestone, Expand