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Five rules for thinking about risk during the coronavirus pandemic
1 DAY AGO - The pandemic has turned life into one long, frustrating, risk assessment. But changing how you Expand
Fossil found by boy turns out to be remains of new species of giant sloth bear
21/09/2020 - The discovery of a previously unknown species of giant sloth bear which stood over three metres Expand
Melting ice sheets could add 15 inches to global sea level by 2100, NASA warns
21/09/2020 - In a new study, more than 60 experts generated estimates of how much of an impact Earth’s melting Expand
Food scientist explains why your leftovers always taste better the next day
19/09/2020 - New research from Asda has found that it’s not just an urban myth that certain foods taste better Expand
It’s not just testing that is failing, contact tracing is broken too
18/09/2020 - The parts of England with the highest rate of infections also see some of the lowest rates of Expand
NASA snaps incredible photo of mysterious colour-changing storm on Jupiter
18/09/2020 - The stunning image was taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope on August 25, when Jupiter was 406 Expand
Weedkiller used by councils across the UK kills coronavirus in less than 10s
17/09/2020 - Experiments found Foamstream destroyed 99.99 per cent of coronavirus particles - almost instantly
Some energy drinks contain harmful levels of bleach, study warns
17/09/2020 - Researchers from Monash University have warned that some energy drinks contain harmful levels of Expand
Jupiter-sized planet discovered orbiting white dwarf star for first time
16/09/2020 - The Jupiter-sized planet is going around so fast a year lasts less than one-and-a-half days. And Expand
The government has known since June that most people aren’t self-isolating
1 DAY AGO - Data available to the government for three months has shown that almost 90 per cent of people told Expand
Scientists develop miracle 'bandage' that mends broken bones
21/09/2020 - The bio-material dramatically speeds up healing - and is set to revolutionise the treatment of Expand
Why your leftovers taste better the next day, according to science
20/09/2020 - Have you ever wondered why your curry tastes so much better the next day? Charles Spence, a food Expand
This is what life on Venus might look like – and how we’ll find it
19/09/2020 - The discovery of phosphine on Venus hints at life in its clouds, but finding out won’t be easy
Cities on Mars could be built from prawn shells, scientists claim
18/09/2020 - A simple manufacturing technique using chitin - which gives molluscs and insects their strength - Expand
Dogs and cats can contract Covid-19 from their owners, vets warn
17/09/2020 - Pet owners who come down with symptoms are being warned to stay away from their animals for fear Expand
100 million year old sperm found that could be the oldest ever discovered
17/09/2020 - The findings provide "an extremely rare opportunity" to learn more about the evolution Expand
Wearing glasses could reduce your risk of coronavirus, study claims
17/09/2020 - Researchers from Suizhou Zengdu Hospital in Suizhou, China, say that the use of eye protection Expand
Household cleaner that destroys coronavirus in just 60 seconds launches
16/09/2020 - The cleaner, called Cert, comes in a handy tablet form, and can destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Expand
The UK’s new lockdown rules are still failing BAME communities
1 DAY AGO - Transmission rates are higher in people from minority ethnic backgrounds, but the government’s new Expand
Pain-free laser boosts women's sex drive and improves orgasms, scientists claim
21/09/2020 - Researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences found that just five minutes of treatment Expand
If you just beat Covid-19, exercise might do more harm than good
20/09/2020 - A number of studies raise concerns about Covid-19’s long-term effects on the heart. Athletes need Expand
Brits furious as flu vaccine appointments delayed - raising fears of shortage
18/09/2020 - Reports on social media indicate that many flu vaccine appointments have been either cancelled or Expand
Patient dies after hackers target hospital in shocking cyberattack
18/09/2020 - The hackers targeted the IT systems in a major hospital in Dusseldorf hospital, meaning that a Expand
Covid-19 could cause life expectancy to plummet by up to nine years, study warns
17/09/2020 - A global analysis of life expectancy shows that the pandemic could cause a short-term decline in Expand
NASA says an asteroid the size of Big Ben will skim past Earth tonight
17/09/2020 - The asteroid is estimated to measure between 48 and 110 meters in diameter. At the higher end of Expand
Sixth mass extinction paved the way for the dinosaurs 233 million years ago
16/09/2020 - Massive volcanic eruptions in western Canada wiped out vast numbers of species on land and in the Expand