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Michael Mosley 5-minute 'exercise snacking' tip for rapid weight loss
1 HR AGO - Want to start exercising more but have no time for a proper workout routine? Michael Mosley's Expand
Improve your flexibility in two weeks with these eight stretches - yoga expert
1 DAY AGO - While many of us lose flexibility as we age, yoga and martial artist Chloe Bruce has revealed the Expand
Aloe vera supplement can cause jaundice if taken too much or in the wrong dose, study finds
1 DAY AGO - Aloe vera is something of a wonder supplement, used for everything from constipation to acne and Expand
Expert advises how to get a good night's sleep while on your period
2 DAYS AGO - A sleep expert has offered four top tips on how to get a good night's sleep at that time of the Expand
Monkeypox common questions answered - links to STIs and fatality rates
2 DAYS AGO - Monkeypox was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation in late July. Expand
Leg pain warning sign of testicular cancer - and symptom you should never ignore
2 DAYS AGO - Although testicular cancer is uncommon, being aware of possible early indications and regularly Expand
What does a faint line on a lateral flow Covid test mean and what counts as positive?
3 DAYS AGO - After another recent surge in infections, it's clear Covid is here to stay. So if you're reaching Expand
New smartphone app helps to cut alcohol consumption in UK Army veterans
3 DAYS AGO - Dr Miriam Stoppard writes on a new app designed to help people control their drinking - and says Expand
Teenage footballer given devastating diagnosis after being told he has long Covid
4 DAYS AGO - Kane Allcock, 15, began to suffer more severe headaches, was nauseous and struggled to walk, due Expand
3 monkeypox symptoms found on the face - 'pimples' to lesions in mouth and throat
3 HRS AGO - Monkeypox cases continue to rise around the world. Being aware of the initial warning symptoms is Expand
Doctor claims sharing a toothbrush with your partner could do 'serious harm
1 DAY AGO - You might think there's nothing wrong with lending your partner your toothbrush in an emergency - Expand
Surprising high blood pressure treatment is tasty treat you've already got at home
1 DAY AGO - Having high blood pressure can increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular diseases, which can be Expand
Doctor warns of the dangers of supposedly 'fresh' feminine hygiene products
2 DAYS AGO - A doctor has warned women against using unnecessary and potentially harmful feminine hygiene Expand
Diabetes warning signs in your eyes and how to prevent sight damage
2 DAYS AGO - All you need to know about how and why diabetes can affect your vision - including why maintaining Expand
Mum diagnosed with autism and ADHD at 40 after being told she 'wasn’t bright
3 DAYS AGO - Rachel Winder, diagnosed with autism, dyslexia and ADHD in her forties, has become an 'accidental' Expand
Woman with 34K breasts that 'won't stop growing' leave her struggling to breathe
3 DAYS AGO - Araba Banson, who is sometimes bedridden due to back pain from her large chest, is desperately Expand
Osteopath reveals why you should never sit with your legs crossed
4 DAYS AGO - Many people sit cross legged, but professional osteopath Brendon Talbot has warned followers about Expand
Allergies in children have risen seven-fold in past 15 years, study shows
4 DAYS AGO - Britain has some of the highest rates anywhere in the world for food allergies and the related Expand
Lower back pain is a plight faced by so many - but there are so many treatments
22 HRS AGO - Dr Miriam Stoppard runs through a range of ways people can tackle lower back pain - which is the Expand
Do you know a psychopath? Seven alarming traits to watch out for
1 DAY AGO - From a lack of empathy to never apologising, a clinical psychologist rounds up the distinctive Expand
Woman discovered she carries cancer gene after testing for food allergies
1 DAY AGO - Nova Cobban wanted to know more about her digestive issues. Instead, a DNA kit revealed she had Expand
Lung cancer: How to spot a normal cough from a deadly one, according to NHS experts
2 DAYS AGO - As part of World Lung Cancer Day, the NHS has launched a campaign to boost early diagnoses of the Expand
Loss of smell from Covid could increase Alzheimer's disease risk, warns new research
2 DAYS AGO - The long-term impact of Covid continues to surprise scientists, with new discoveries found almost Expand
Pregnant mum's race against time after being given just 24 hours to live
3 DAYS AGO - Carrie Dodds, who is 25 weeks pregnant, was told by concerned doctors she might not survive more Expand
One in eight people develop Long Covid after virus infection, study shows
3 DAYS AGO - Some Long Covid sufferers are still unable to return to work with the most common symptoms Expand
Red berries can help reduce risk of diabetes, cataracts and cancer - full list
4 DAYS AGO - These sweet little bundles of joy may not look like anything special, but they sure do pack a Expand