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How to look after your mental health if you test positive and need to self-isolate
1 HR AGO - With Covid-19 cases remaining high, many are still needing to self-isolate
Maine Coon kitten is so big people mistake it for a dog
18 HRS AGO - Kefir already weighs more than the average adult cat
How accurate are lateral flow tests?
19 HRS AGO - Does omicron show up on a lateral flow test?
One in 10 common omega-3 fish oil supplements are ‘rancid’
21 HRS AGO - Analysis of the popular supplement revealed oxidation levels that exceeded recommended limits
A loss of smell from Covid-19 could be down to genetics, study suggests
1 DAY AGO - A loss of taste or smell is a common symptom of the virus
Prostate cancer: 2 strange leg symptoms you should immediately flag to your GP
1 DAY AGO - Many types of cancers, including prostate cancer, can take years to become noticeable. But Expand
A loss of smell from Covid-19 could be down to genetics, study suggests
2 DAYS AGO - A loss of taste or smell is a common symptom of the virus
Is ambivalence standing in the way of your healthy change?
2 DAYS AGO - You want to start exercising, but you don’t like to sweat. This conflicting feeling is called Expand
How does the 5:2 diet work and how does intermittent fasting help you to lose weight?
2 DAYS AGO - There are a million ways to lose weight out there but one diet technique, pioneered by a British Expand
Eating dark chocolate could help people fend off cancer, new study shows
18 HRS AGO - Dark chocolate contains magnesium, which has been found to be key to the body's immune response. Expand
Omicron symptom that could help you predict infection before a positive Covid test
20 HRS AGO - One US doctor has claimed that a common symptom is a way of predicting a positive coronavirus Expand
Is it safe to go back to the office? We asked the experts
21 HRS AGO - The government has reintroduced Plan A measures, asking people to return to the office
Women’s health at risk due to rise in meat-free diets, scientist says
1 DAY AGO - Young women are not consuming enough iron, calcium, and other vital nutrients lacking in a vegan Expand
Who has trialled a four day week and does it work?
1 DAY AGO - Campaigners say upcoming UK trial could lead to a ‘new way of working’
This Morning's Michael Mosley advises cutting carbs for 2-stone weight loss in 10 weeks
2 DAYS AGO - A number of positive changes surrounding weight loss can come through reducing calorie intake and Expand
Warning sign of high cholesterol that you can spot in your sleeping patterns
2 DAYS AGO - Studies are linking frustrating patterns in your sleep to high levels of cholesterol - choose the Expand
How accurate are lateral flow tests?
2 HRS AGO - Does omicron show up on a lateral flow test?
ADVERTORIAL: Four simple ways to supercharge your energy and feel less tired
20 HRS AGO - We’ve teamed up with Solgar vitamins to help you f ight fatigue and Expand
11 biggest misconceptions about HPV
1 DAY AGO - 17-23 January marks Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2022
Devastating' Omicron symptom in hair that only appears after you've had Covid
1 DAY AGO - The coronavirus has affected people in different ways, as viruses often do. Studies are also Expand
‘Anxiety’ named as children’s Word of the Year for 2021
2 DAYS AGO - Expert says word is ‘concerning’ but ‘not surprising’
Dry Jan blues explained as expert says giving up is good for your mental health
2 DAYS AGO - Health expert Andrea Taylor has shared her top tips that can help you stay off the booze in dry Expand