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Just Eat launches drone deliveries that will fly your takeaway to you 'within 3 minutes
30 MINS AGO - Just Eat has teamed up with Manna Aero to trial drone deliveries that promise to have your Expand
Walkouts at screening of film about 10-year-old android and her 'Daddy
1 HR AGO - An envelope-pushing film about a middle-aged man and a robot child
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra sets a new standard for phone cameras
2 HRS AGO - The Galaxy S20 Ultra is an outlier device with an all-time-great phone camera setup. But forget Expand
Tesla Autopilot crash driver killed after playing video games, inves…
2 HRS AGO - A man who died after his semi-autonomous Tesla crashed into a concrete barrier was playing a video Expand
Google Maps Street View users spot sneaky hidden feature over Buckingham Palace
3 HRS AGO - The sneaky feature, known as an Easter Egg, was spotted by one Reddit user while using Google Maps Expand
The most exciting thing about the new Mac Pro could be 20 years old
5 HRS AGO - The “cheese grater” vents on Apple’s Mac Pro and its Pro Display XDR are much more than a design Expand
Bayonetta and Vanquish 10 Year Anniversary Review – A step back in time that still feels fresh today
14 HRS AGO - Bayonetta and Vanquish are two of Platinum Games’ finest, but do they still hold up in 2020? We’ve Expand
Security cameras go offline after failed software update
20 HRS AGO - Nest security cameras have been hit by a long outage that users claim left their houses unsafe. Expand
Antarctica is turning red near a former British research station
21 HRS AGO - The phenomenon is known as 'watermelon snow
Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is polluting the internet
1 HR AGO - From doctored videos to fake quotes, the presidential candidate is muddying the water online – and Expand
Flat Earther claims death of 'Mad' Mike Hughes was 'worth it to create awareness
1 HR AGO - Mad' Mike Hughes died this week after a dangerous stunt to 'prove the Earth is flat' went very Expand
Oral-B's latest gadget gives you something very smart to stick in your mouth
2 HRS AGO - The Oral-B iO is the company's most 'revolutionary' brush to date
Virgin Galactic releases tickets for tourists to fly into space - how to apply
3 HRS AGO - Virgin Galactic is launching a new initiative today called One Small Step, for ‘those who are Expand
Facebook users would tell social media platform their bank balance for $8.44 a month
11 HRS AGO - Study of people across six countries finds German users would charge most for sharing personal Expand
Tesla driver who died in 'autopilot' crash was playing on phone, inquiry finds
17 HRS AGO - Walter Huang killed when Tesla Model X SUV hit a barrierCarmaker ignored our recommendations, Expand
Conspiracy theorists on Facebook and YouTube are blaming coronavirus on 5G
20 HRS AGO - No, 5G mobile phone networks aren't causing coronavirus
Huge EE price drop deals rolled out on Samsung Galaxy, Pixel and iPhone handsets
22 HRS AGO - Time for an upgrade? Check out these savings on EE price plans across top handsets from Apple, Expand
Nasa Mars Insight lander buzzed by thousands of mysterious 'dust devils
1 HR AGO - But the Red Planet exploration robot has been unable to actually take pictures of the swirling Expand
Tekken: the fighting game that takes women's stories seriously
2 HRS AGO - Filled with intrigue and drama, the Tekken games are like violent soap operas in which women are Expand
PlayStation 5 controller could measure your heart rate, Sony patent suggests
2 HRS AGO - A patent filed by Sony indicates that the PlayStation 5 controller could track your ‘biofeedback’ Expand
Scientists accidentally discover animal that doesn't breathe oxygen
3 HRS AGO - A scientific finding that takes our breath away
Nvidia Shield TV review: the best Android TV box with brilliant AI upscaling
5 HRS AGO - New hide-away design, great remote, top performance and impressive HD to 4K upscaling make for a Expand
Disney+ UK sign-ups are now open
14 HRS AGO - Disney+ is now open for subscriptions in the UK, with an offer that makes it cheaper than Netflix. Expand
Apple reveals new details about its very expensive Mac Pro
19 HRS AGO - Apple has revealed new details about the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, the most expensive and Expand
California bill aims to legalise human composting as climate-friendl…
20 HRS AGO - With Washington set to become the first state to allow human composting, other states are Expand