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Twitter down as users can't get into social media site for second time in hours
6 HRS AGO - twitter phoneWe'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking Expand
Elon Musk's SpaceX wins $2.9bn NASA contract to send humans to the moon
19 HRS AGO - The tech billionaire's firm was chosen ahead of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and defence Expand
FIFA 21 Community TOTS (Team of the Season) nominees confirmed as voting opens
1 DAY AGO - The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team TOTS (Team of the Season) kicks off with the release of the Community Expand
The first big update for the PS5 also changed the controller
1 DAY AGO - The first major software update for the PlayStation 5 also changes how the controller works, Expand
Chip shortage that has caused problems across tech industry could last in 2023, CEOs say
1 DAY AGO - Droughts, snowstorms, trade wars, pandemic and a concoction of factors have led to the chip Expand
Nasa says mission to send astronauts into space on board Elon Musk’s rocket is ‘go’
1 DAY AGO - SpaceX is set to send four astronauts to space on behalf of Nasa, which has annoucned the mission Expand
Man charged with arson attack on Black church caught with help from Tesla security camera
1 DAY AGO - Prosecutors say Dushko Vulchev behind string of fires and tyre slashings in Massachusetts town
First big PS5 update brings even more features than advertised
2 DAYS AGO - Sony’s first major update for the PlayStation 5 includes even more features than first announced, Expand
We may be wrong about the atmosphere of alien planets, say scientists who cooked meteorites
2 DAYS AGO - Our understanding of alien planets might need revision, according to scientists who cooked Expand
Elon Musk’s SpaceX has won a $3 billion contract to put humans on the Moon – but the full mission will take far more than that
8 HRS AGO - Nasa has chosen SpaceX to build the lander that will carry humans onto the Moon for the first time Expand
Elon Musk’s SpaceX will build spacecraft to land NASA astronauts on moon, report says
1 DAY AGO - Elon Musk’s SpaceX has won the contract to build spacecraft to land NASA astronauts on the moon Expand
Mysterious signals coming from space are ‘deeper’ than we realised, scientists say
1 DAY AGO - Fast radio bursts – mysterious, energetic blasts coming from elsewhere in the universe – are Expand
Donald Trump’s status on Facebook won’t be decided for ‘weeks’, says Oversight Board
1 DAY AGO - A decision on the appeal over Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts is not expected for Expand
Elon Musk’s Starlink internet will be ‘fully mobile’ service later this year
1 DAY AGO - ‘Service uptime, bandwidth & latency are improving rapidly. Probably out of beta this summer’, Mr Expand
Tesla has made $1 billion from its bitcoin investment in just 10 weeks
1 DAY AGO - Elon Musk’s firm made more from cryptocurrency since January than the profits it made from selling Expand
Russian intelligence behind Solarwinds cyber attack, Raab reveals as US expels diplomats
2 DAYS AGO - ‘We see what Russia is doing to undermine our democracies’, foreign minister says
PS5, Xbox, and PC delays will continue until next year
2 DAYS AGO - Intel is ramping up production over the next nine months, but still believes it could be years to Expand
LG Tone Free HBS-FN7 are effortlessly cool, but also incredibly smart earbuds
2 DAYS AGO - An impressive set of earbuds packing some seriously clever features and fantastic Expand
Twitter down for millions of users in second major outage in hours
9 HRS AGO - Millions of users were shut out of Twitter on Saturday as the social media platform suffered its Expand
The ‘joke’ cryptocurrency still remains unavailable for millions of people
1 DAY AGO - Meme-inspired cryptocurrency is also not available on other popular trading platforms like eToro
Mesmerising light twists around two black holes in new Nasa video
1 DAY AGO - A pair of orbiting black holes with masses millions of times more than the Sun have been shown Expand
Dogecoin quadruples in price as Elon Musk memes drive cryptocurrency to new record high
1 DAY AGO - ‘Now that $1 is an imminent reality, we should all pledge to HODL to $10,’ says one cryptocurrency Expand
Children’s iPhone game secretly hid a casino
1 DAY AGO - US users could only see an endless runner game, but using a VPN revealed the app’s true nature
Human cells grown in monkey embryos triggers 'Pandora's box' ethical concerns
1 DAY AGO - Researchers say the work could help tackle transplant shortages, but experts warn such hybrid Expand
Bezos admits Amazon needs to ‘do a better job for our employees’ in first remarks after union vote
2 DAYS AGO - Union says CEO’s admission ‘demonstrates that what we have been saying about workplace conditions Expand
Everything you need to know about Apple’s upcoming big event
2 DAYS AGO - Apple is preparing for its next major event, during which it is due to announce a host of new Expand