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SpaceX is converting oil rigs into spaceports for Mars-bound Starship
3 HRS AGO - Private space firm previously said it is ‘actively developing the technologies… with the ultimate Expand
Joe Biden gets access to Donald Trump’s official Twitter account
7 HRS AGO - Twitter has handed over access to the official presidential account to Joe Biden as he takes Expand
YouTube bans Trump for another week over fears of inauguration violence
9 HRS AGO - YouTube has banned Donald Trump for another week, citing fears that he could use the cite to Expand
SpaceX attempts record-breaking Starlink launch - Follow live
12 HRS AGO - Elon Musk hopes rapid-reusability will allow space travel to be far more accessible in the future
PS5 restock updates - all the latest from Amazon, Currys, Argos and more
12 HRS AGO - The new PS5 consoles are high in demand - but which retailers are currently selling them? Here's Expand
Mystery of butterfly flight finally cracked by scientists
13 HRS AGO - The "fascinating" and "elegant" mechanism "is far more advanced than we imagined" said one of the Expand
QAnon followers voice anger and upset as conspiracy theory falls apart
4 HRS AGO - Followers of QAnon have been left upset and angry in the wake of the apparent collapse of the Expand
Twitter admits it should have been ‘more aggressive’ in challenging conspiracy theories
7 HRS AGO - We've got more work to do to enforce our policies consistently’, the company told MPs
Joe Biden’s new Snapchat lens lets supporters attend virtual inauguration
10 HRS AGO - The Biden team has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Snapchat during their campaign
Man shares 'shady' AirPods hack that lets people listen in on your conversations
12 HRS AGO - A TikTok user named Bryce has gone viral after sharing a 'shady' trick he claims allows you to spy Expand
Microsoft patents chatbot technology to revive dead loved ones
12 HRS AGO - The patent also mentions using 2D or 3D models of specific people
Silicon Valley may have more to worry about under Joe Biden administration than Donald Trump
13 HRS AGO - President-elect being urged to take strong action against likes of Facebook and Google
PS5 restocks at Currys as rush for new PlayStation takes down websites
16 HRS AGO - Currys has put up new PlayStation 5s for sale – and then immediately been hit by technical issues Expand
FIFA 21 TOTW 17 lineup confirmed featuring Paul Pogba and Thomas Muller
7 HRS AGO - The FUT 21 Team of the Week 17 lineup features Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba and Bayern Expand
New Netflix feature means you won’t ever have to browse at all
8 HRS AGO - Netflix is finally rolling out a "shuffle" feature that means users won't have to browse for shows Expand
Google investigating ethical AI team member over accessing thousands of sensitive files
10 HRS AGO - Google's ethical AI team has been scrutinised following the sudden dismissal in controversial Expand
SpaceX achieves record-breaking reuse of Falcon 9 rocket
11 HRS AGO - SpaceX has achieved a record-breaking eighth reuse of one of its Falcon 9 rockets.
Trump pardons Google engineer who wanted to worship AI
12 HRS AGO - Levandowski started a religious non-profit in 2017 called Way of the Future
Ethereum price hits record high amid ‘cryptocurrency gold rush’
13 HRS AGO - In just two years the value of one ether has risen from below $100 to above $1,400
Opinion: Nobody actually ‘agrees’ to the Terms and Condition
15 HRS AGO - Social media companies meticulously test their platforms to make them as user friendly as possible Expand