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Did you solve it? Alphabet soup
1 HR AGO - The solution to today’s puzzle.Earlier today I set you the following puzzle.Place a different Expand
Why you should listen to the music your pupils like
5 HRS AGO - Teachers can learn a lot about their pupils through the music they listen to and help them Expand
I have to be honest: racial bias has helped my career
5 HRS AGO - A senior leader at an international school says that accepting that reaching the top has come Expand
GCSE 2021: 3 ideas to help Year 11 'catch up
5 HRS AGO - The traditional after-school GCSE intervention session probably won't work with your coronavirus Expand
‘Pupils coughed in my class on purpose’
9 HRS AGO - A teacher with a lung and heart condition shares her fears about the Scottish government’s plan Expand
Can you solve it? Alphabet soup
11 HRS AGO - A bowl of food for the brainToday, for a change, a word puzzle. Place a different letter in each Expand
We tested all those bed-in-a-box mattresses. These are the best
14 HRS AGO - These designs demystify the mattress shopping experience and promise gravity defying comfort with Expand
Why I can't stop thinking about The Last of Us Part 2
14 HRS AGO - Naughty Dog's hugely ambitious sequel has numerous flaws, but they're interesting flaws that make Expand
The Green Homes Grant is a bad deal for you and for the climate
14 HRS AGO - If you thought the government’s new energy grant was going to solve all of your energy woes, think Expand
Teachers to assess ed tech response to Covid-19
3 HRS AGO - Government to explore teachers' attitudes to edtech and how policy can be developed 'post Covid-19
Work and PhD defences: a better way to test education
5 HRS AGO - A curriculum that promotes problem-solving and encourages real-world experiences would be a lot Expand
Behaviour is about relationships. The DfE ignores this
5 HRS AGO - The new DfE behaviour checklist talks about rewards, sanctions and exclusions. But it misses out Expand
America is not prepared for schools opening this fall. This will be bad | Siva Vaidhyanathan
7 HRS AGO - We’re just weeks from schools opening, and they aren’t ready. Parents, children, teachers – Expand
Coronavirus and schools: LIVE 13/7
9 HRS AGO - A one-stop shop for teachers who want to know what impact the outbreak of the virus will have on Expand
How to work out if you’ve been hacked and what to do about it
14 HRS AGO - Facebook. Google. Netflix. Sometimes your accounts get compromised, here’s what to do when it Expand
Polestar 2 review: the best EV there is right now
14 HRS AGO - We have a new favourite electric car, and it's the second offering from Volvo's performance sibling
Nightclubs during coronavirus are going to be really, really, weird
14 HRS AGO - Nightclubs are desperate to welcome revellers back on their dance floors. But the combination of Expand
These children had Covid-19 beat. Then they got seriously ill
14 HRS AGO - A small number of children who had mild cases of Covid-19 are being rushed to intensive care Expand
Ministers are charging on FE and HE – can they deliver?
4 HRS AGO - At some point, Gavin Williamson has to deliver on what he has promised FE. So, how can he do that, Expand
To all school staff, whoever you are: thank you
5 HRS AGO - Thank-you notes from pupils and parents are likely to be in short supply this year. But school Expand
Probe into countries' responses to Covid school closure
5 HRS AGO - Unesco and IEA - organisation behind international rankings Timms and Pirls - running comparative Expand
Black British history: the row over the school curriculum in England
8 HRS AGO - From the omission of the black Tudors to the absence of empire, data reveals how GCSE history is Expand
Brexit plus coronavirus could spell disaster for Britain's universities
10 HRS AGO - The virus chaos and higher tuition fees might keep thousands of students away
Hollywood has a secret weapon to help it restart after coronavirus
14 HRS AGO - How will Hollywood recover from a summer of limited releases? The algorithms and experts of Gower Expand
How to take better photos with your iPhone camera
14 HRS AGO - Make the most of the camera in your pocket with our guide to the best iPhone photography tips and Expand
This week on The WIRED Podcast
14 HRS AGO - The award-winning WIRED UK Podcast with James Temperton and the rest of the team. Listen every Expand