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Woman Stops for Selfie While Standing on Her Sinking Car
14 HRS AGO - After a woman who brazenly drove her car across the top of a frozen river in Canada crashed Expand
Iconic American Photographer and Journalist Steve Schapiro Dies at 87
17 HRS AGO - Widely recognized for his photojournalism work of 20th century America and his iconic celebrity Expand
Canon Unveils the EOS R5 C ‘True Hybrid’ Full Frame Camera
23 HRS AGO - Canon has announced the EOS R5 C, what it calls a "true hybrid" full-frame mirrorless camera that Expand
Insane Footage Shows Wingsuit Flight Up Close to Egyptian Pyramids
1 DAY AGO - In a recent adventurous event put together by the team at the RedBull Air Force, wingsuit pilots Expand
Profoto Launches Magnetic Octa Softbox for A and C-Series Strobes
1 DAY AGO - Profoto has announced the new Clic Softbox Octa, a collapsible and magnetic octagonal softbox that Expand
An In-Depth Look at the Rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral
1 DAY AGO - National Geographic has published an unprecedented look at the Notre Dame cathedral reconstruction Expand
Cold, sick, hungry, displaced: Afghans face a disastrous winter
4 DAYS AGO - As the winter snow begins to fall in Afghanistan, 8 million people are on the brink of famine. A Expand
Hubble Captures Majestic Photo of a Galaxy with an ‘Explosive Past’
5 DAYS AGO - A new image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope showcases a spiral-shaped galaxy that lies around Expand
Fujifilm’s Market Share in Japan Soars Thanks to the Instax Mini Evo
5 DAYS AGO - New data released by major Japanese retailer BCN+R shows that Fujifilm saw massive growth in Expand
Hubble Captures a Black Hole That is Forming Stars, Not Absorbing Them
14 HRS AGO - The Hubble Space Telescope has observed a black hole at the center of a dwarf galaxy that is not Expand
VSCO Launches New Set of Pink and Blue-Hued Infrared Filters
18 HRS AGO - VSCO has announced a new set of blue and pink-hued "infrared" filters for its mobile app, Expand
Nikon Launches the $14,000 Z-Mount 400mm f/2.8 TC VR S Lens
1 DAY AGO - Nikon has announced the 400mm f/2.8 TC VR S for full-frame mirrorless Z-mount cameras. This Expand
The Phantom S991 Shoots 4K at 937 FPS, Uses New Fiber Delivery Tech
1 DAY AGO - Vision Research, the company behind the Phantom line of high-speed cameras, has announced the new Expand
Why the 1-Inch Camera Sensor is a Myth
1 DAY AGO - It is very common to hear the term "1-inch sensor" and based on the name, it would be natural to Expand
Capture One Discontinues Sony, Fujifilm, and Nikon Versions
1 DAY AGO - Capture One has announced that it will stop offering versions of its software that are limited to Expand
Sabine Weiss: Last member of the Humanist street photographers
4 DAYS AGO - With a flair for capturing both the ephemeral and the everyday, Weiss was the last of a Expand
Rockstar 10mm f/8 and 27mm f/2.8 APS-C Lenses are Less Than $80
5 DAYS AGO - Chinese manufacturer Rockstar has released a set of incredibly affordable prime lenses that are Expand
Canon Captures 4.2-Gigapixel Photo of Priceless Japanese Artwork
6 DAYS AGO - The Japanese Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project partnered with Canon to make a visually Expand
Instagram Will Launch First Version of Subscriptions This Week
16 HRS AGO - Instagram is set to launch the first version of Subscriptions on the platform this week, which the Expand
Mexican Photojournalist Shot Dead in Front of His Tijuana Home
19 HRS AGO - Photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel was murdered on Monday outside of his home as he left Expand
Canon Partially Shutters its Only China Camera Facility, May Fully Close It
1 DAY AGO - Canon has partially closed its Zhuhai camera manufacturing facility in southern China and the Expand
The Spectacular Winners of the 2021 Ocean Art Photography Competition
1 DAY AGO - The Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition has revealed its 2021 winners, marking the contest's Expand
The Nikon Z9 is So Fast It Can Capture a Speeding Bullet
1 DAY AGO - Nikon touts its new Z9 mirrorless camera as being able to capture motion faster than the human eye Expand
‘The Stolen Scream’: Photographer Creates, Internet Copies, NFT Reclaims
3 DAYS AGO - Photographer Noam Galai, who works for Getty as a celebrity/entertainment shooter, was born in Expand
Tonga Volcano Eruption One of the Biggest Ever Captured From Space
4 DAYS AGO - An undersea volcano near the Pacific island nation of Tonga has erupted, sending an explosive Expand
Instagram Was The Number One Downloaded App Globally in Q4 2021
5 DAYS AGO - Instagram has been is struggling with an identity crisis and is failing to resonate with young Expand