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Guardian, The
The Independent
UK pet bereavement helplines report big rise in calls during Covid
1 DAY AGO - As actor Miranda Hart takes time off to grieve, charities speak of heartache many face after loss Expand
First it was sourdough, now it's a puppy – I am a lockdown cliche
07/01/2021 - I now realise I must have a knack for picking up on trends, but why did no one tell me how Expand
Brexit: how the new rules will change your visits to Europe
02/01/2021 - From holidays and health to mobile phones, we explain what has changed for consumersBefore Brexit, Expand
Was this a tale of true love, or of a conman finding another mark? | Barbara Ellen
26/12/2020 - Christie Smythe reported on fraudster Martin Shkreli, then fell for him. The drama Expand
Plan for compulsory microchipping of cats in England amid boom in pet ownership
23/12/2020 - Public consultation launched on scheme to chip 2.6m unregistered cats to help reunite lost animals Expand
Brexit: pets will need papers for travel to EU and Northern Ireland
16/12/2020 - From 1 January, pet owners must apply for a health certificate from vets allowed to deal with Expand
‘Covid-19 has an odour, and the dogs are detecting it’: meet the canine super-squad sniffing out the virus
12/12/2020 - They’re loyal, diligent – and have unbeatable noses. Could dogs play a key part in the fight Expand
Bored? These Americans are teaching their dogs to talk
08/12/2020 - Provided with a board full of buttons, some pets appear to be communicating with their humans – Expand
Ferrets and tarantulas among pets to find new homes in lockdown
2 DAYS AGO - Pet hates for some but people are turning to strange creatures for comfort under Covid Coronavirus Expand
My wife wants to adopt a dog to live on our farm | Tim Dowling
09/01/2021 - I was worried that 2021 would be a rerun of 2020. Now I’m suddenly worried this year will bear no Expand
Fat felines: we all love a ‘chonky’ cat – but the online trend has to end
04/01/2021 - Over the last few years, the internet has thrilled to pictures of chubby pets. But now experts are Expand
Brexit deal is a rubbish gift for a gullible public | Letters
27/12/2020 - Readers respond to the trade and security deal struck with the EU on Christmas EveI find myself in Expand
My first 48 hours owning a kitten were emotional. Here's what I learned | Coco Khan
25/12/2020 - I needed help reassuring a nervous cat but in the end it was me whose nerves were calmed. That is Expand
He has a bad boy attitude': could this be Australia's grumpiest cat? – video
23/12/2020 - Chester has been dubbed Australia’s grumpiest cat. He has been adopted (and returned) four times Expand
I lost all sense of perspective!' The broadcaster whose dogs became superstars
16/12/2020 - Millions of frustrated sports fans began following Andrew Cotter’s ultra-competitive labradors Expand
Dogs and owners may share resemblance in diabetes risk
10/12/2020 - Research shows people who have a dog with type 2 diabetes are 38% more at risk of having disease Expand
My big working-from-home problem? The noise from my husband's oversexed tortoises | Emma Beddington
08/12/2020 - Before hibernating, these reptilian Casanovas have been at it like there’s no tomorrow. Now I’m Expand
That’s barking! Why all dog owners need a poo wormery
2 DAYS AGO - It’s no longer enough to bag it and bin it – the green approach is to let worms munch through your Expand
Animal rescues by London fire brigade rise 20% in pandemic year
08/01/2021 - Firefighters called to 755 animal incidents in 2020, with cats most commonly in need of help Expand
Funeral for Fido: as pet ownership levels rise, so does the end-of-life care business
03/01/2021 - As human funeral providers increase their stakes in afterlife pet care, vets advise the reasons Expand
What does Brexit mean for you? Shopping, mobile calls, flying, driving …
27/12/2020 - Big changes to our lives, and livelihoods, and on their way from 1 January when the transition Expand
Australia's grumpy cat: shelter staff find 'demonic' Chester a home just in time for Christmas
23/12/2020 - South Australian eight-year-old is off to his fifth home in seven years and the RSPCA is confident Expand
Experience: I lived as a wild turkey
18/12/2020 - My aim was to become indistinguishable from the rest of the flock, but I felt they saw me as the Expand
Rum Tum Tugger is the sexiest': one-man Cats show claws through film flop
16/12/2020 - Bad films can spawn kitschy, cult devotion, as Linus Karp demonstrates in How to Live a Jellicle Expand
Paw patrol: the majestic sled dogs of the Arctic – in pictures
10/12/2020 - Sled dogs have helped hunters traverse the region for more than 4,000 years – often saving their Expand