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The Independent
UK dog owners warned about thieves staking out parks and luring puppies
14/08/2021 - Blue Cross cautions about black market for popular breeds as government reportedly considers new Expand
A flash of a badger, a brazen fox, an angry bull – why I love a really wild show | Hannah Jane Parkinson
13/08/2021 - I could well end up as one of those people mauled to death in an attempt to get a selfie with a Expand
‘It’s not a photo opportunity’: adopting a pet is hard work, Victorian shelters warn as returns surge
10/08/2021 - New owners urged to reach out for help instead of giving up – or consider fostering firstThe past Expand
Shops accused of failing to publicise recall of food linked to cat deaths
06/08/2021 - Cat owners share evidence of chains including Sainsbury’s stocking food suspected of causing pet Expand
Toxic cat food fear as UK vets struggle with mysterious illness
05/08/2021 - As cases of blood condition pancytopenia persist, investigators suggest food fungi could be to Expand
Professional dog walkers in London sound alarm over curbs on numbers of pets
01/08/2021 - Four-dog limit on Hampstead Heath means up to 700 animals could miss daily exerciseWhen drizzle Expand
How can you prevent dogs jumping at children? How should I respond when it happens?
27/07/2021 - The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from Expand
20 of the best (and dog-friendly) alternatives to motorway services
24/07/2021 - Ditch the the drab chains and head for these lovely gardens, farm shops, pubs and cafe, where your Expand
Brace yourselves! The original Tamagotchi is making a comeback
23/07/2021 - Original Tamagotchi is not yet available to buy in the UK but could be launching soon
‘World turned upside down’: therapy dog stolen from boy, five
14/08/2021 - Mother of Oscar in Derbyshire says her son and his cockapoo were ‘like peas in a pod’UK dog owners Expand
I have separation anxiety. I’m stuck in locked-down Sydney without my dog | Van Badham
12/08/2021 - My sausage-shaped shadow and I have been a constant pair but the Delta variant has kept our little Expand
Dog theft law gets more bite with new ‘pet abduction’ offence
08/08/2021 - Ministers say new crime will carry tougher sentences following rise in dognapping as pet ownership Expand
Cat owners: have you experienced issues with pet illness related to cat food?
06/08/2021 - After a spate of cat deaths possibly related to pet food, we would like to hear cat owners’ Expand
On a short leash: ‘Walking our cat in the front garden has become a daily ritual’
02/08/2021 - Walking a cat may seem peculiar, but it can be an enriching experience for owner and pet – once Expand
Original Observer Photography
31/07/2021 - The fastest British woman in history, the return of the music festival, and a collection of Expand
How Islam conquered my mother’s fear of cats
25/07/2021 - She’d always found them evil and scary, but when I wanted a cat in lockdown I appealed to my mum’s Expand
Lyrics on freedom that strike a chord | Brief letters
23/07/2021 - Dawn Butler | Periods | Cats | Song lyrics | Misheard namesI applaud Dawn Butler for her honesty Expand
Dogs go grey with stress, just like humans
23/07/2021 - Dogs exhibit similar behaviour to humans when they are anxious
Tim Dowling: hallelujah, the dog’s gone on holiday
14/08/2021 - No dog sleeping on my feet or barking when the bell rings, or staring at me intently as I make Expand
A dog’s inner life: what a robot pet taught me about consciousness
10/08/2021 - The creators of the Aibo robot dog say it has ‘real emotions and instinct’. This may seem over the Expand
US study finds potential dog food link to canine heart disease
05/08/2021 - FDA research sheds light on ingredients in dog food that could be associated with canine dilated Expand
Readers reply: how can you prevent dogs jumping at children? How should I respond when it happens?
01/08/2021 - The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from Expand
Horny dogs: what can Boris Johnson do about his pet Dilyn’s romantic urges?
28/07/2021 - It’s important to remember that dogs don’t hump things only for sexual reasons – it could be that Expand
‘They had a date to kill the cow. So I stole her’: how vegan activists are saving Spain’s farm animals
24/07/2021 - Spain may be famous for its love of meat – but sanctuaries across the country are coming to the Expand
Gallery: LG's Rolling Bot is a pet-tormenting marvel
23/07/2021 - Want to subject your pet to a whole new level of tech-enabled torture? Consider the LG Rolling Bot