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Guardian, The
The Independent
Number of dog owners thinking about giving up pet surges, charity reports
10/09/2021 - Dogs Trust says it has experienced 35% rise in calls about handing over animals since lockdown Expand
When our intentions really go to the dogs | Letters
03/09/2021 - Clare Munks and Sharman Finlay say their beloved pets always know what their owners are getting up Expand
What our treatment of Afghan people tells the world about us | Letters
01/09/2021 - Readers respond to Gaby Hinsliff’s article about Pen Farthing’s evacuation of animals from Expand
Digested week: #binspace is the kind of Britain I want to live in | Lucy Mangan
27/08/2021 - As OnlyFans ended the peen panic, Twitter was united by petty grievances. Think of the level of Expand
UK defence secretary complains about pleas to rescue pets from Kabul
25/08/2021 - Ben Wallace says he won’t ‘prioritise pets over people’ in evacuation and vents frustration over Expand
A war evacuee shares her recollections... and reveals how well it works | Alex Clark
22/08/2021 - Lunch with academic Gillian Beer recalls memories of my father, who survived war in BurnleyThere’s Expand
Tim Dowling: the pet food system is broken, and the cat blames me
21/08/2021 - The dog is still on holiday, so there is no dog food for the cat and no dog to eat the cat foodThe Expand
How to take the lead in dog walking – and earn unconditional love in return
14/08/2021 - Enhance your pooch’s wellbeing and your own by making daily walks an interactive, quality Expand
Tim Dowling: hallelujah, the dog’s gone on holiday
14/08/2021 - No dog sleeping on my feet or barking when the bell rings, or staring at me intently as I make Expand
A dog’s inner life: what a robot pet taught me about consciousness – podcast
10/09/2021 - The creators of the Aibo robot dog say it has ‘real emotions and instinct’. This may seem over the Expand
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain review – Cumberbatch’s cat artist drowns in quirk
03/09/2021 - Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of eccentric Edwardian artist famed for his cute cats is brimful Expand
Cool days out for cats
29/08/2021 - From cat cafes to pet-loving hotels: 10 of the best feline-friendly destinations in Expand
Production allowed to resume of cat food at centre of pet deaths inquiry
26/08/2021 - No ‘causative link’ found between products of Sainsbury’s supplier Fold Hill Foods and blood Expand
‘My persian had a three-hour blow-dry!’ 150 years of cat shows – then and now
25/08/2021 - Feline fancies began in the UK in 1871, with proud cat owners grabbing the chance to show off Expand
Puppy smuggling: UK plans crackdown with curbs on dog imports
21/08/2021 - Proposals would ban imports of dogs aged under six months, and those with cropped ears or docked Expand
Senior rescues and short-term care: how to bring a pet into your life amid soaring demand
20/08/2021 - While the waitlists for puppies and kittens in Australia can stretch on for months, with a bit of Expand
UK dog owners warned about thieves staking out parks and luring puppies
14/08/2021 - Blue Cross cautions about black market for popular breeds as government reportedly considers new Expand
A flash of a badger, a brazen fox, an angry bull – why I love a really wild show | Hannah Jane Parkinson
13/08/2021 - I could well end up as one of those people mauled to death in an attempt to get a selfie with a Expand
Tim Dowling: the cat has gone to the vet. I sit and await good news
04/09/2021 - As a kitten, he’d lost his tail. But he was a good cat, and he always waved his off-putting little Expand
UK to crack down on dognappers with new pet abduction offence
03/09/2021 - Thieves will face tougher penalties under legislation unveiled by government after surge in Expand
Ex-marine Pen Farthing and pets cleared for Afghanistan evacuation
28/08/2021 - MoD says founder of Kabul animal shelter has passed security at airport but does not mention Expand
Concerns over pet welfare crisis due to high demand for ‘pandemic puppies’
26/08/2021 - Extreme rise in demand in 2020 has had serious consequences on animal health and welfare, study Expand
What should we be feeding our cats? – podcast
24/08/2021 - In mid-June this year, some brands of cat food were recalled as a precaution after a sudden Expand
Just got a puppy? Here’s what a terrier called Arthur taught me about love | Hadley Freeman
21/08/2021 - Owning a pet is a long-term relationship, and things change. But the love enduresI left having Expand
Has the latest status symbol become a vegan dog? | Arwa Mahdawi
18/08/2021 - Lewis Hamilton posted a picture of his dog, Roscoe enjoying a plate of fruit, while apparently Expand
‘World turned upside down’: therapy dog stolen from boy, five
14/08/2021 - Mother of Oscar in Derbyshire says her son and his cockapoo were ‘like peas in a pod’UK dog owners Expand