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Guardian, The
The Independent
I’m a popular cyclist – but only when I bring my toy poodle along for the ride | Steven Herrick
4 DAYS AGO - It should not take a small dog to alert us all to the fact that cyclists are at-risk road usersI Expand
What Fifi the dog’s final months can show us about cancer treatment and caring until the end | Ranjana Srivastava
6 DAYS AGO - After a decision to spare her further interventions, she lives a full two months more – and Expand
Vet group CVS warns over risk to personal information in cyber-attack
7 DAYS AGO - Chain says it has experienced operational disruption after hackers gained access to its IT Expand
200 cats, 200 dogs, one lab: the secrets of the pet food industry – podcast
01/04/2024 - Pet food is a £120bn industry, with vast resources spent on working out how best to nourish and Expand
‘We have five in our bed – any more and I wouldn’t sleep!’: meet the extreme dog owners
30/03/2024 - Rachel and Andrew live with 19 of them, Julie never goes to the toilet without one, and Chloé’s Expand
Molly the magpie: Queensland premier backs return of Instagram-hit bird to couple after being seized
27/03/2024 - Steven Miles urges authorities to enable magpie to be reunited with ‘devastated’ Gold Coast carers Expand
Charity steps in to rehome 300 cats from ‘overwhelmed’ man in Canada
24/03/2024 - Man says he ended up in ‘a crazy situation’ after he began taking in cats abandoned during Covid Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Tiggy the serial killer, who ruled the house with naked menace
18/03/2024 - She was my first pet, so her aversion to affection came as a disappointment. But I couldn’t help Expand
Australian shepherds: the dog breed that’s not really Australian, but is winning titles and hearts alike
13/03/2024 - An Australian shepherd named Viking won best in show at Crufts, and the ‘extremely smart’ breed is Expand
Molly the magpie set to be reunited with carers ‘very soon’, Queensland premier says
6 DAYS AGO - Steven Miles says ‘good news’ as government finds way for seized bird to be returned to couple and Expand
‘Bulging skulls and protruding eyes’: Ten features dog owners should avoid
7 DAYS AGO - Welfare experts say people need to choose pets with natural body shapes so their health doesn’t Expand
‘The vet presented it as: if you care, you pay’: who really profits from poorly pets?
06/04/2024 - £150 for a dog’s injection. £900 to monitor a rabbit overnight. Thousands for cat surgery. How did Expand
Most handsome oodle? Poodle-crosses to take the stage at Sydney’s Easter show – but some breeders are unimpressed
30/03/2024 - Cavoodles, labradoodles and groodles are increasingly popular but purebreed enthusiasts question Expand
Digested week: Germany has the right idea on dachshunds. Dogs should be cuddly | Lucy Mangan
29/03/2024 - Germans want to ban ‘torture breeding’ for extreme characteristics. Plus: don’t even think about Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Buddy the rescue dog, whose final walk brought him so much joy
25/03/2024 - Loving us but hating other dogs, Buddy was a delight at home and a nightmare away from it. When Expand
Dogs can understand the meaning of nouns, new research finds
22/03/2024 - Study confirms our canine companions can grasp more than simple commands – or at least for items Expand
Number of abandoned French bulldogs increases sharply in England and Wales
16/03/2024 - Exclusive: Number of such dogs that have been dumped rose from eight in 2020 to 582 in 2023, RSPCA Expand
Vet practices: the competition watchdog is barking up a promising tree
12/03/2024 - Independent owners are declining fast in a sector now dominated by big companies and private Expand
Fox bones at ancient burial site suggest animal may have been kept as pet
6 DAYS AGO - Clues at Argentina site raise possibility mammal was buried with human owners about 1,500 years Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Oscar the rescue dog, who stole our eggs and our hearts
7 DAYS AGO - No duck nest was safe when Oscar was on the prowl. But one of his raids had an unexpectedly happy Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Tachypuss the cat, who hated being dressed up – but sensationally forgave me
01/04/2024 - He was the perfect childhood companion, until he grew weary of wearing Al Capone and Lawrence of Expand
Cute, cuddly, and often crippled: look where the love of dogs has taken the British | Martha Gill
30/03/2024 - From dachshunds to pugs, our canine friends are bred to better serve as emotional crutches or Expand
‘There has to be a way’: Queensland government working to reunite Molly the magpie with family, premier says
28/03/2024 - Steven Miles says environment department ready to provide training to Instagram-famous magpie’s Expand
My lifelong dream has been to rescue cats. My partner is allergic – what do I do?
22/03/2024 - We want our loved ones to cherish our dreams, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith, it’s Expand
Pet DNA testing company in doghouse after identifying human as canine
13/03/2024 - DNA My Dog received human genetic sample and identified it as a malamute, shar-pei and labrador, Expand