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The Role of Intraoperative Navigation in Orthopedic Surgery
19 HRS AGO - Learn more about intraoperative navigation systems and how they can help improve the accuracy and Expand
Can simply naming vegetables differently increase healthful eating?
2 DAYS AGO - New research examines how using more appetizing words to describe healthful foods affects eating Expand
Can more vegetarian options tempt carnivores away from meat?
3 DAYS AGO - New research shows how our environment shapes our food choices by looking into the impact of Expand
Plantar fasciitis: Causes, symptoms, risk factors, and remedies
4 DAYS AGO - Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that causes pain in the heel. Learn more about the causes, Expand
How blood vessel health may drive IBD
4 DAYS AGO - Researchers have found that blood vessels likely contribute to the development of inflammatory Expand
Most common 3 STDs on the rise, according to CDC report
4 DAYS AGO - A new CDC report outlines recent increases in chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis cases in the US. Expand
Post-viral syndrome: Symptoms, causes, and treatment
5 DAYS AGO - Post-viral syndrome, or post-viral fatigue, refers to tiredness or weakness that lingers after a Expand
Behavioral Interventions for Alcohol-Related Liver Disease
19 HRS AGO - Could behavioral treatments help prevent alcohol relapse among liver transplant candidates and Expand
Relaxation makes worriers more anxious
1 DAY AGO - Relaxation techniques can, paradoxically, provoke anxiety in some people, and a new study suggests Expand
Exercise especially important for older people with heart disease
2 DAYS AGO - A study on the effect of exercise on older adults in physical rehabilitation shows that those with Expand
Neurotransmitters: What they are, functions, and psychology
3 DAYS AGO - Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the nervous system. They influence mood, muscle Expand
Acetylcholine: What it is, function, and links with health
4 DAYS AGO - Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in brain and muscle function. Here, we Expand
Type 2 diabetes: Weight regain reduces cardiovascular benefits
4 DAYS AGO - New research on type 2 diabetes shows that regaining weight reverses much of the cardiovascular Expand
New Ovarian Cancer Treatment Option Approved for the CDF
4 DAYS AGO - Ovarian cancer treatment rucaparib, designed to help maintain the effects of chemotherapy, has Expand
What are the 12 cranial nerves? Functions and diagram
5 DAYS AGO - The cranial nerves are a set of twelve nerves that originate in the brain. Each has a different Expand
Epinephrine injection: What it is, uses, and how-to guide
19 HRS AGO - Epinephrine, or adrenaline, is a hormone. People use injections of synthetic epinephrine to treat Expand
Blood cleansers: Do they work?
20 HRS AGO - In most cases, the organs in the body cleanse the blood without any extra help. In this article, Expand
Effect of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines on Meningitis
1 DAY AGO - Did the introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines help decrease the incidence of Expand
Slow walking speed in midlife linked with faster aging
3 DAYS AGO - A new study finds that a slow walking speed at the age of 45 correlates with premature cognitive Expand
Do you lose weight when you poop?
3 DAYS AGO - When a person poops, they may temporarily lose the weight of the stool. However, this is not a Expand
Alzheimer's disease: Brain immune cells may offer new treatment target
4 DAYS AGO - A new study attributes the link between tau protein clumping and brain damage in Alzheimer's Expand
New blood test detects brain tumors with 87% accuracy
4 DAYS AGO - Researchers have recently published 'the first demonstration' that a promising blood test for Expand
Cyst on penis: Causes, treatment, and risk factors
4 DAYS AGO - Many factors can cause a cyst to form on the penis, and the cyst can lead to varying symptoms. Expand